Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An Evening With Eels

That's what it said on the marquee, and on the tickets our friend Nils was good enough to get for us. If you don't know this band, try a little listen. They aren't for everyone, but if you think you might like introverted, quirky, substantial rock music, Eels are your guys.

Actually, it's mostly one guy: Mark Oliver Everett. His dad was Hugh Everett, the quantum physicist who devised the theory of parallel universes. Tonight's "opening act" was a documentary film about the son traveling the country to learn more about the father and his theory. See? I told you: quirky but substantial.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amber. He kind of reminds me of John Prine. He has four sonds on his My Space- I'll listen to all of them later(when I'm officially awake)

4/09/2008 6:47 AM  

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