Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who? Procrastinate? Me? Nooo...

So today I have to choose a short work of literature (probably a short story) and literary theorist or two whose perspective(s) I will reference while analyzing the story. Then I have to write a title, thesis statement, outline, and bibliography for the paper I'm going to write. This is all due Monday night, but because tomorrow's Easter, and grandmas like it better when you don't blow them off on holidays, I can't count on getting anything at all done tomorrow. To my knowledge, everyone else in class started working on this assignment at least a week or two ago. But I think some of them had a literary work in mind from the beginning (we're supposed to choose a short work that we know and enjoy), but I don't read that much short literature. What I have read, I either don't remember well enough to know whether I truly enjoy it (or whether any of the literary theorists we've read about in class will suit it), or I've already written about it for another class. While there's no rule against writing about the same work of literature more than once, especially for vastly different assignments, I prefer not to. So I feel like I'm starting this assignment from underground, and I have to dig my way out before I can even start thinking about it. That's daunting.

Okay. I'm done whining now. Time to work.


Blogger Natasjia said...

Jonathan's starting it today.

4/15/2006 2:03 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

come on now amber, WHO do you think has started any work before this weekend??? i think NO ONE!

no worries, dear. we're all on the same page. :) what about using something from your thesis? nancy DID say that it's ok to use something that you're working on for something else. what about a bit from a short story cycle?

btw, now i feel bad because i've blown off my grandma to grade essays and work on the assignment you speak of. i now this makes her sad...and therefore makes me feel like an insensitive jerk. i wish you luck in digging yourself out from underground (that's a mighty good comparison)--i think i better get diggin' a little faster too.

4/15/2006 2:19 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

Okay. That makes me feel better...I guess I've just been talking to the wrong people. Tiffany has been working on this for a couple of weeks, and Stephen told me yesterday that he had a couple of pages written already. And when I talked to Jonathan last, he at least knew what he was writing on.

I forgot that Nancy said we could use something we're already working on...but I've decided on a topic now. And it is something from a short story cycle: "Saint Marie" by Louise Erdrich. I'm going to use Henry James to talk about Erdrich's "donnee"--that the spiritual is real. I think I'll be able to weave her story in with some other aspects of his theory, too.

Jessie, don't feel like a jerk. You've visited your grandparents at other times when you had work to do, and I've bailed on mine at other times. I still haven't celebrated last Christmas with one of my grandmas. (That'll finally happen in two weeks.)

4/15/2006 2:57 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

dannnng girrrl--"Saint Marie," Henry James, and "donnee"...sounds excellent!

Writing the thesis sentence is the hard part (for me anyway). I'm saving that for tomorrow morning when my brain is a bit fresher.

Thanks for the neglected grandma pep talk. Maybe someday we'll have time for something other than school. We can't help it that we're so darn dedicated. :)-

4/15/2006 3:36 PM  

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