Monday, July 16, 2007

Like I Said

We got home from the cabin (more on that later, I promise) this afternoon, and as predicted, reality kicked me directly in the balls. I had two hours to shower and get dressed, type a bunch of stuff for my class, and leave for school to sit in on some make-up tests. I didn't get all the typing done before I had to leave, so I was forced to finish it in the window between make-up tests and class, and I actually managed to be late twice in an hour and a half. Before leaving the house I was so frustrated I felt like I had an electrical current running through me. Class went well, but I have a headache now that extends down the back of my neck and across my face. So there is food and a couch and something mindless, maybe the book I'm reading or a familiar movie, in my immediate future. Until tomorrow, with its class planning and test typing and ad posting and packing and maybe a Goodwill run.


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