Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving Rant #1

Reserving a moving truck should be easy. You should make one phone call to the company, tell them what size truck you need and the length of time you need it, and in an urban area with dozens of branches of their company, they should be able to meet those needs.

You should not have to make an abstract "reservation" for which they cannot guarantee that you will be able to pick up the truck within a certain radius of your home, and for which they cannot specify the length of time you will be allowed to keep the truck. Then, they certainly should not text-message you, when you specified that you prefer a phone call, with a more concrete reservation at a near enough location, but that requires you to return the truck at 7 A.M. on the day you have to move into your new apartment.

But they did. So you try again.

This time, you arrange a workable reservation, for a truck larger than you need, a little more expensive than the first, and farther away, but for 24 hours, which is the really important part. But you should not, then, feel the need to call the location where you will pick up the truck to confirm your reservation, and having done so, be told, "I don't have that available that day." So obviously you have to, although you shouldn't, call the original people who made the reservation--the central reservationists if you will--and ask them what gives. Then you shouldn't have to wait on hold while the central reservationists call the pick-up location and ask them, in turn, what gives. And then you shouldn't have to be told, in a way that should inspire confidence but at this point doesn't, that they "don't know what his issue is over there, but we'll work it out. You have the truck, and if that changes we'll call you."

There are just so many more important, theoretically more challenging things in life than moving trucks. So why, three hours later, do I have a headache and no energy left for anything else?

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