Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Freakin' Potter: Aftermath

So I didn't leave work until 2:35 this morning. And there was much rejoicing at the Harry Potter party, especially when I announced winners to the contests, and that was fun. But also, especially when I went outside at a quarter to midnight to help control the huge crowd stuck out there, there was a fair amount of frustration. And yelling. At me. And I yelled back at the really rude people, and honestly that was pretty fun too. Because I don't understand why anyone would go to the midnight release of anything and then get mad because they have to wait in line.

I also picked up Eric's copy of the book last night, and when I got home I felt like after all that excitement I should sit down and start reading it, even though I've only seen the movies and read the first book (and that only in chunks, to my little sister about seven years ago). So I read the first sentence, just to try and capture a little of the feeling being had by all those people who came out of the store whooping and grinning with their books in hand.

It's a good sentence for releasing bated breath, I think. And my final impression of all this is I'm glad I got to observe that kind of excitement, but I'd probably pass on doing it again anytime soon.


Blogger Loralee Choate said...

I have always been thankful that I worked at Borders between Potter Books. It would be a hella long day! I had a lot more fun attending.

7/23/2007 2:42 AM  

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