Friday, November 28, 2008

Umbilically Attached to Our Stuff

Okay, so I enjoy giving (or receiving) the perfect gift just as much as the next American, and I would never suggest to anyone that you-know-who is the reason for the season. But I do think we've lost track of something huge (our humanity, maybe?) when a crowd is so focused on getting at the Cheap Stuff They Want that they inadvertently kill a person on their way into a store, and everyone just keeps on shopping. In fact, screw our humanity: at this point, even our animal instincts toward self-preservation are being dangerously misused.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Equal Opportunity Recommender

Just now, watching a small dust bunny float around a circular path on my freshly cleaned kitchen floor, I suddenly felt the need to write something. Preferably something fictional, involving a character who gets out of her chair to pick up and throw away tiny dust bunnies. Bad news for that urge: it's writing about acupuncture (this week) that gets me paid. And anyway, that character is really just me. But I think the desire to be creative comes in part from the music I'm listening to tonight, by a local guy who is about to top the masculine companion to my list of wonderful female musicians:

1. Jeremy Messersmith
2. The Fratellis
3. Jeff Buckley
4. Damien Rice
5. The Raconteurs
6. Jack Johnson
7. Mason Jennings
8. Modest Mouse
9. Eels
10. Tom Waits
11. The Shins

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5 Things that Have Made Me Smile This Week

1. I had a really great Monte Christo at the Red Stag during a Sunday brunch with my family, and the restaurant was offering free mimosas, which of course I took them up on. It was good to see my family, too, but food is very important to me. In fact, while we're on the subject, Eric made perfectly grilled sirloin the other night. (Yes, grilled, like outdoors, and I think it was about 40 degrees and dark at the time. The guy loves to grill.) Also, the wild rice, mushroom, and sausage soup I made last night was pretty awesome.
2. Two days ago, my dad called to make a suggestion and prefaced it with, "Don't get mad at me." That's grounds for a smile right there, but then the suggestion was that, since I hate apartment living so much, maybe I should find out if the people contributing to our wedding would be willing to help us with the down payment on a house instead. I declined, for several reasons, but it was a nice suggestion, and so very much like my dad.
3. President Elect Barack Obama. Still not quite over that one.
4. My three-year-old nephew, Owen, pronounces my name "Elmo," and was super excited to see me on Monday. Coincidence? Maybe not.
5. Piper, the devil cat, has started pooping in the bathtub. At first we thought it was because I'd let the litter box go for an extra day between cleanings, but now we're pretty sure she just prefers it. And yeah, I know, behavior problem and ewwww. But it's really a pretty clever litter box alternative, and I pride myself on usually being able to see the humor.

What made you smile this week?

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Anti-Riots in the Street

About an hour ago, a small crowd of people ran down our sidewalk whooping and cheering. We went outside with beers in hand to join the celebration, and after they passed, we could hear cheers coming from houses down the street. The neighbors raised their bottles and cigarettes and victorious fists. Cars honked at our little group as they drove by. And we all teared up a little watching Obama's speech.

This feels good.

Go Big O!

Early this morning, I stood with Eric in a line that stretched around the block from the front door of our polling place, then twisted through a church basement and back up the stairs to where I cast my very own slightly-more-historic-than-usual vote.

I've never voted for a winning presidential candidate. Here's hoping this is my year.