Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gradually, A Milestone

Yesterday I bought a wedding dress. A "taffeta A-line tank," if you believe the description on my receipt. But I swear it's pretty. And now, after going through the tortured crazy-woman stages of being underwhelmed and then second-guessing my decision, I'm so excited I can't stop pulling up the crappy picture of it on the designer's website. If you've ever read wedding magazines, you know that you're supposed to know it the minute you put on Your Wedding Dress, and late last night I realized (and this brought me out of my funk once and for all) that I did know. And the three lovely ladies (mom, sister, aunt) who were with me knew, too. But because it was only the second dress I'd tried on (out of probably 15), and because we're all pretty level-headed (we mocked the people crying and saying "It's sooooo pretty!" in the next room over), the moment passed without much more fanfare than a collective intake of breath.

I can't wait.



Blogger Clink said...

Coming out of my hidey hole to saw Squeeee!!! And to beg you to email me a picture of it!

The bride gene lays dormant.

2/20/2009 8:46 AM  

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