Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Equal Opportunity Recommender

Just now, watching a small dust bunny float around a circular path on my freshly cleaned kitchen floor, I suddenly felt the need to write something. Preferably something fictional, involving a character who gets out of her chair to pick up and throw away tiny dust bunnies. Bad news for that urge: it's writing about acupuncture (this week) that gets me paid. And anyway, that character is really just me. But I think the desire to be creative comes in part from the music I'm listening to tonight, by a local guy who is about to top the masculine companion to my list of wonderful female musicians:

1. Jeremy Messersmith
2. The Fratellis
3. Jeff Buckley
4. Damien Rice
5. The Raconteurs
6. Jack Johnson
7. Mason Jennings
8. Modest Mouse
9. Eels
10. Tom Waits
11. The Shins

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