Monday, February 02, 2009

Because I'm as Sick of that Last Post as You Are

I will write on this blog. Someday. Right now a lot of factors--including a busy-ness that doesn't even leave me time to read and the frustrating fact that life in the city, especially during this most disgusting stage of frozen-over, tends to harden my brain against inspiration--have coalesced into an almost complete disinterest in writing for pleasure. So until the day (and it will come) when I'm not filled with anxiety at the thought of giving my mind over, for as long as it takes, to an activity that no one is demanding of me and that will make me no money, here are some pictures from the very relaxing trip we took to Duluth two weeks ago:

Luxury. Eric and I agreed that this hotel room
was about the same size as our whole apartment.

The view from our private patio.

Ducks in the canal. Lots of them.

Eric with the Rasputin burrito from Burrito Union. It's huge.

Good TV.

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Blogger Nils said...

Nice photos of the Duluth area.
I see that I dressed Eric for the Burrito Union meal.
Nice threads!

2/05/2009 1:41 AM  
Blogger chain of freedom said...

OK. The burrito picture caused a disturbing problem with my keyboard; the keys are slick and there are puddles...

I've been craving a burrito for weeks, but in these days of shedding my winter roll of insulation (I'm being kind to myself) the beer alone would cost a complete meal. The burrito would appear to be more than a weeks worth of calories all wrapped up in that lovely tortilla.

You're going to have to show me this place if it isn't really in Duluth.

2/06/2009 10:49 PM  
Anonymous Jes Hodgson said...

I live 4 blocks from the Union. Tuesdays they have half price wine, and after 9 pm you get a local beer and 2 tacos for $5. It's definitely my favorite :) How'd you like the food?

Also, were you staying near Canal Park? If so, did you check out Amazing Grace Cafe? The aquarium? The Imax?

Congrats on the engagement (VERY overdue) and I hope all is well :)

2/08/2009 9:18 PM  

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