Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday is Brain-Garbage Day

Today is my first day off work since last Monday. That's seven straight days of eight-hour shifts at a job that's more physical than you'd guess, and today I feel kind of like I was recently in a fistfight. At least, this is how I imagine that would feel. Because it's a pretty funny mental picture--and those of you who know me can go ahead and try it out: me in a fight. Most of my coworkers knew I was working a seven-day stretch because one simply cannot be silent about injustice at Barnes & Noble. The managers are nice enough that they don't actually want to screw us over, but sometimes they just don't pay attention. So you make them pay attention. And it worked, because yesterday the general manager told me I'd better sleep in today (which I did, past 9:30 even), and the assistant manager who made the schedule told me to lie around and do nothing all day. Which I won't, because doing nothing usually makes me feel like a big rolling ball of crap. And also because if I don't go to the grocery store today, we may not survive the week, and if I don't clean the litter box today, the more fastidious of my two cats might fill up with poo and explode. But I've made a decently lazy start to the day, since it's almost one in the afternoon and my hair is still wet from the shower and I'm on my first cup of tea. In fact, the only thing really productive I've done today is schedule a meeting for Thursday with an instructor at the technical college where I'll be teaching. Because I decided to take that teaching job, like I knew I would. And I'm nervous about that, but excited too. It'll be a good change in my life, and I think it will be a good place to start teaching. So far, everyone seems supportive. So yeah, excited.

But you know what I'm also excited about? Finishing this rambling post so I can do my errands and chores, and read Anna Karenina, which--in more random news--is totally engrossing and much more modern than I expected.

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