Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thoughts in a Very Loud, Very Dark Room With Hundreds of Strangers

That was to be the title of a stream-of-consciousness blog post that I wrote in bits and pieces in my head last night during the Modest Mouse concert. But now it's just a persuasive argument for keeping a notebook in my pocket at all times and writing things down as I think of them. Because when we got home last night, I didn't have the energy to actually write it out. So I sat down to recreate it just now, and discovered that all the magic had gone out of it. It would be hard at this point to remember everything I had wanted to say, and hard to achieve the effect I wanted, and I'm not interested enough anymore to put the effort in.

So instead I'll just say, in conventional blog fashion, that the concert--which we owe our friend Katie for, since she let us have the tickets she won--was awesome. We were in the front row in the orchestra pit, directly in front of the guitarist and his guitar-only speakers, which convinced me that it is possible to be too close to the stage during a concert. The singer's vocals were often drowned out by the guitar, and the unique vocals and lyrics are one of my favorite things about Modest Mouse. But that's just an observation. I wouldn't complain. The music was great, the venue was gorgeous, the gin and tonic was tasty, the people-watching was interesting, and the vibe was extremely positive. People love that band. It makes them smile. And for good reason.

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Blogger Teriiza said...

lucky you got to see modest mouse I'm very jealous. I also miss you we should do something soon oh yeah and i have blog now check it out its yeah ill update it alot so this way you can actually now whats going on in my life just like i know whats going on in yours from reading your blog. love you Amber.

4/26/2007 1:20 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

Your blog looks cool, kiddo. Your first two posts made me smile, and reminded me why I'm proud to be your sister. I'm going to link to you so I can check on you every day. Bwa ha ha. Love you too.

4/26/2007 4:14 PM  

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