Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Very Academic To-Do List

  • Write curriculum vita
  • Write cover letter to go with curriculum vita
  • Deliver curriculum vitae and cover letters to community colleges in the area (in hopes of an adjunct teaching position, so that I can get pissed on professionally, but in a way that looks great on resumes)
  • Request letters of recommendation (for PhD applications)
  • Decide where I'll actually be applying for PhD programs
  • PhD applications
  • Send my mom a Christmas list, like I said I would do "tomorrow," about a week ago

I have no momentum for academic tasks right now, and the thought of trying to do any of these things (even the Christmas list) paralyzes me. I get home after eight hours of dealing with cranky shopping people and just want to stare at a book, or the TV, or nothing at all. Whenever I think about the fact that my future hinges on a bunch of things I don't feel motivated to do, I get panicked. But I don't get things done in panic mode. Mostly I just talk to myself a lot.



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