Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nature's Strip-Tease

This morning, a few patches of bright green grass are showing along the edges of the receding mini-glaciers in the yard, and a tiny sparkling stream of water runs along the curb on the opposite side of the street. The more work I finish for my Master's degree, the more I get this wide-open, at-ease, almost-summer feeling. It's nice to see nature corroborating my state of mind.


Blogger Jessie said...

hey--the yard out front is finally getting naked too! our yard must be a little bit more modest than yours...but finally, she's starting to enjoy her big beautiful yellowish-green body. haha!

and amber--thanks for your comment. that made me cry too, but in a better way.

3/30/2006 6:40 PM  

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