Sunday, March 19, 2006

Too Many Words

Usually, when I go back to something I've written, I can see the magic in it. Most of the time, when I'm working on a long piece of writing, reading the last thing I wrote inspires me to begin again. But after spending all of yesterday and the first few hours of today writing a comp exam, and after almost a month of working nearly every day on my thesis, I can't look at my own writing without the feeling that I'm just pulling on this string I've been holding, dragging my brain farther along a gravel road. The rest of today is for my thesis, but my mind is worn down to a nubbin, and I'm having trouble grasping it firmly enough to write.


Blogger Jessie said...

now this is some wonderful imagery amber. i especially like the one of pulling your brain by a string down a gravel road. i like it because if i imagine it as my own brain i can almost feel my fingers becoming sore and raw from the sheer weight of pulling something so useless (my brain) by a thin little string that rubs, rubs, rubs deeper and deeper into my skin.

ok, i have a very serious suggestion for you... you've done really well. now take a damn break.

all my love,
the other useless brain.

3/19/2006 3:52 PM  
Blogger Froyd said...

god, ain't that da truf.

3/19/2006 5:13 PM  

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