Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fair to Middling Day

There's just nothing quite like finding out that you won't be getting paid for another three weeks, and that your haircut just cost you half again more than you were expecting, on the very same day.

And it doesn't help when, while muttering to yourself in the car about the price of your haircut, you forget to stop at the library on your way home to pick up the Spenser novel you've been aching for because it's fall and time for some literary comfort food. And it makes it ever-increasingly worse when you aren't willing to get back in your car and drive the five minutes to the library because both sides of your whole street are posted with temporary no parking signs and you might lose your halfway-decent parking space on a cross street.

On the bright side, because I insist that there be a bright side to all of this, my haircut is pretty much fabulous, possibly the best I've ever had. And class was wonderful today, because before I tortured my class with their first test, I pulled out some of my best and most fun educational activities. Also, All Creatures Great and Small is pretty good cool-weather reading, even if it doesn't involve the character who inspired me, when I was 13, to learn to raise one eyebrow independently of the other.

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Blogger Laura B. said...

I want to go out and get a cool reading book now!! And a fabulous new haircut :)

Sorry about the money, though. Money sucks.

9/13/2007 5:41 PM  

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