Sunday, September 09, 2007


So when you're sitting in your apartment and overhear, through an open window adjacent to the front door of the building, a neighbor you've never met using her cell phone to tell several friends that she stepped outside for a cigarette without her keys and is now locked out, do you go let her in?

I was thinking no, absolutely not, that would just be too freaking creepy, even if I don't eavesdrop on purpose. Besides, it's a beautiful day and someone will eventually leave or come home and let her in. And then, about five minutes later, she told someone she'd been making arm signals at the windows of the apartments (which I hadn't seen, since I'm working on the computer), so I did it anyway. In my pajamas even. And she didn't seem creeped out, just grateful, and now my Girl Scout's daily good deed is out of the way and I can relax and be mean to everyone.



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