Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today I was offered a job. It gave me a stomach ache. The wrong reaction. I am not the kind of person who takes a miserable job because it's a guaranteed (immediate) opportunity and pays more than a job that feels better (for which I have an interview on Tuesday). Am I?


Blogger Froyd said...

your brain says "No no!" but your wallet says "Yes yes!"

9/07/2006 12:24 PM  
Blogger Loralee Choate said...

Tough choice. Can you postpone your answer until you find out?

It also, unfortunately, comes down to numbers. If you need that amount of cash, then yah. Sucks, though.

9/07/2006 12:59 PM  
Blogger erin said...

I always figure take it, you can keep looking, and in the meantime, you can eat!

9/07/2006 3:20 PM  
Blogger erin said...

only if your tummy won't ache every day though. I can tell you from experience that's not worth it.

9/07/2006 3:20 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

hahaha! i'm not laughing at you; i'm laughing WITH you. uh god...what the hell? did we interview for the same job? maybe then it wouldn't be so bad. at least we'd work together. :)- i don't think i'll take it if they give it to me though because they already told me that i almost definately couldn't keep my other job because of "conflict of interest." of course, they said that in a very snotty, insensitive way. maybe that's part of what bothered me the most.

9/08/2006 4:14 PM  

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