Monday, August 28, 2006

20 Things I Like Best About Living Here

It took me a few weeks...but I finally finished this list. And since I don't want anyone to get the impression--between the ranting about the bathtub and the griping about the noisy kid upstairs and the almost-crying about being done with school--that I'm unhappy with my life here, now seems like a good time to post it.

1. Listening to the thumpity-thump of the cats chasing each other across hardwood floors at dawn.
2. The black one-eyed cat that wanders the neighborhood. We call him Lucky.
3. Stained glass.
4. The small, enclosed space of the pantry makes the smells of the onions and fresh bread I store there especially strong and wonderful.
5. I'm closer to most of my family here. I get to see them more often, and when I'm not with them I take comfort in knowing they're nearby.
6. Friends came along.
7. Bikes. They're a viable (if slightly dangerous) form of transportation here. Lots of people ride them around my neighborhood, and it makes me wish my own bike wasn't defunct.
8. Choosing a cafe at random for lunch, and discovering that it is surprisingly cheap, yummy, and funky.
9. Beginning to feel comfortable navigating complex streets.
10. Feeling warm inside when I see the Minneapolis skyline from the highway, because it usually means I'm almost home.
11. Being completely overwhelmed with restaurant choices.
12. Tiny movie theaters with red felt walls and low screens.
13. Artistic graffiti.
14. Listening to a family on my street speaking Spanish amongst themselves.
15. Stacks of free newspapers just inside the door of every coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or music store.
16. The bright green canopy of tree branches that stretches far above the back yard.
17. A yard full of wildflowers.
18. Doors with skeleton keyholes.
19. New things, like the gas stove with the digitally-controlled oven.
20. Old things, like original wood trim and kick molding, and the freestanding kitchen sink.

Here's a teensy, tiny glimpse of my new world:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re. # 7-
I have a nice bike you can use. I think my balance is too defunct to use it safely. You have to promise to wear your helmet,or can have mine if you got the pea head gene...
I think you know who this is...

8/31/2006 2:17 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

I'll consider it. I have to find out if I'll be working nearby enough to ride a bike there, and Eric and I need to check out the trails that we saw nearby, along the river. If I don't have a solid reason for a bike, it'll just be one more thing to drag around with us.

8/31/2006 4:02 PM  

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