Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Opposite of a Tantrum

In mood, anyway. Eric went to play poker tonight, and left me here to outline the most complicated paper I've ever worked on. And he left behind a gift in a shiny red bag that glinted at me from the kitchen counter all day, to be opened after I had finished my outline. And when I finished, I was drained but excited to open my gift. So I put away my outlining supplies (No shit; I had supplies: books, notebooks, a pencil, a black magic marker, crayons, and a giant piece of cardboard.) and sat on the couch with the gift bag on my lap.

Just a warning: this story will now disappoint you. But I need to share my pleasure, even at the risk that no one else will understand.

My gift was Garden State on DVD. And that's perfect. Because I loved that movie, and all I want to do now is lie on the couch and be passively entertained. So I said, "Yes! Thank you!" loudly into the empty house, giggled uncontrollably, and jumped up and down with joy. If anyone had been watching, they probably would have thought I was insane. But it was joy. I swear.

I'm going to watch my movie now.


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