Friday, January 13, 2006

How Did It Get to Be 5:30 Already?

Somehow, I've managed to accomplish exactly nothing today. And Eric's brother, who's visiting for the next couple of days, even went to work with Eric this afternoon to allow me the opportunity to work at home. Instead I went upstairs to rest my sharply painful head for a few minutes and drifted lightly in and out of sleep for more than an hour. (I've been dreaming about empty apartments lately, and for some reason I find it hard to leave those dreams behind.)

Now I need to find something in my cookbooks for dinner tonight, go to the grocery store, and cook. Maybe I can fit half an hour of reading in somewhere between the shopping and the cooking, but there will probably be no writing today. And just two days ago I was so encouraged because I spent more than two hours working on my story, not because I forced myself to, but because I felt like it. Tomorrow I'll lock myself into the office and dig into the story again. Tomorrow...


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