Friday, December 09, 2005

Tragedy and Pinot Grigio

We just watched Dancer in the Dark for the first time. I tried not to cry, I really did.

It didn't work.

Story: When the movie first came out, Eric and I were at our friends Peder and Andrea's house. They had just gone to see Dancer in the Dark. Eric asked them how it was. Andrea said she cried. One of us - me or Eric - said that he laughs at me if I cry during movies. Andrea got this awful look on her face and said, "I think I'd cry more if Peder laughed at me when I cried."

That's why I tried not to cry. But he didn't laugh at me when I did. I think it was different this time. I think he got it.

It was probably the saddest movie I've ever seen, except for the damn musical interludes. Hate musicals. (I get the point: that the music cuts through the sadness. But I'd rather the movie just left me alone in my depression.) At least it was Bjork. I never used to be able to get into that kind of abstract music, but now I realize that there's a special kind of pleasure in it that just isn't available in straightforward music. And her voice is cool. She also reminds me of my old friend Christie. They have the same nose. I miss Christie. I heard she moved to New York.

Hm. My posts really go downhill after a glass of wine.


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