Monday, December 05, 2005

And the Real Work Begins...

Yesterday I turbodrafted my essay: in my office, with the lights off, I wrote five practically incoherent pages in about an hour and a half. Just to get my ideas down, to feel like I'd made some progress, and to see exactly what kind of information I needed to get out of my research. And today I was so excited because it's the only day I have all week to work only on my paper. But it didn't work out that way. I had to run errands in the morning. Then the reading/research part of working on the paper took several hours. And only now, at 6:30 in the evening, have I been able to sit down in front of the computer and really attack this thing. I think I'm ready. Usually, I dread the tediousness of writing the final draft of a long paper. But while I was reading about feminist theory today (I found a good bibliography, and searched for specific titles. Lo and behold, there are good sources in the library; it's the online catalogue that's inadequate.), I kept seeing how these things related to what the women of the punk movement were doing at roughly the same time, and I felt kind of antsy, like I wanted to get past the reading and into the writing. It's typical that, now that I can actually do the writing, I'm putting it off.

I'm justifying this poor use of time by telling myself that I'm blogging to psych myself up for the real writing. Maybe that's true.


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